We focus on providing your pets with the care and surroundings they have become accustomed to at home with you. Our prices and services reflect this extra attention, but we also offer competitive rates.

£6.00 per hutch per day (or part of)

£3.00 per additional animal (in the same hutch)

What's included

  •  Bedding
  •  Hay
  •  Nibbles
  •  Treats
  •  Water
  •  Fresh fruit and vegetables
  •  Cuddles and conversation
  •  Play and stimulation equipment

What's not included

  •  Normal dried food
Why do you not include my pets normal dried food?

Your pet has a very sensitive digestive system and can become unwell if their diet of normal food changes to rapidly. With that in mind, we require you to provide their normal daily dried food.

Additional Information

The number of animals permitted per hutch can vary based on the size of the animals. The welfare of your animals are our priority and if we deem necessary, we will move some animals to more suitable living arrangements.

If your pet requires any medical attention from a vet, we will provide transportation for their treatment. Whilst we do not charge for this service, you as the owner are obliged to meet any costs incurred by the vet.

If you have bonded animals staying with us which need to be separated due to an illness, we may charge for the additional accommodation and would require these charges to be settled in full upon collection of your pets

We will endeavor to contact you prior to any of the above, but if we feel it necessary, the health and safety of your pet will be our main priority.