Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding

A unique, personal and dedicated boarding sanctuary situated in Jersey, Channel Islands, for your rabbits and guinea pigs, but don't just take our word for it!

From personal experience I cannot think of a better place for your rabbit to spend their holidays.

Helen Morgan

Fluffy jumped out of her box and darted around the garden and was very very happy after her holiday with you.

Breda Creedon

We love rabbits & guinea pigs and have many years experience caring for them. Your family pet is as important to us as if it was our own. They will be treated and cared for just the same.

Why choose us?

We offer fantastic housing for your bunnies and guinea pigs. You can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind knowing your furry friends are being superbly cared for, cuddled and loved while your away. After all, they deserve a holiday too!

Rabbits as well as guinea pigs need space to live, stretch and hop. We provide a large space for them during their full stay with us. They will have a cosy warm hutch to sleep in and access to a large secure outdoor run to enable them to stretch their legs and hop about.

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